I'm Ernest.

Thank you for stopping by at my website. Here you will find a collection of imagery, those of which I am passionate about. They range from wildlife, special events, portrait and everyday photography.

As with most of my images, it was curiosity which led to the photo.

Are you curious? Got a question that needs to be answered? Ask away!

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(That picture up top - that's my gorgeous wife btw. She's the best. That's why she'll probably be peppered around my website quite often!)

Oster Restaurant, Melbourne, Victoria


I love exploring the creative minds of other creative individuals.

The bounce of ideas, the gallantry of wonder and charm of collaboration.

I have shot for clients from niche automotive engineering firms, renown restaurants and exciting brands.

Sany at Carlton Park


Probably my first love in photography. It is the most intimate form of photography for me, where both photographer and model work hand-in-hand to create the outcome. A pinnacle of collaboration in art form.

I love capturing the raw emotions and the exploration of styles when it comes to this form of photography.

Olive-winged Bulbul - Kuala Selangor, MY


You will find a lot of wildlife around my site and my work.

Wildlife photography holds dear to my heart.

It happened out of necessity. A necessity to be free. To be free of the lockdown that befell us in the last two years. It allowed me to explore my camera and style of photography further and most importantly - it gave me back my freedom of creativity.

Wedding of Elisa & Danilo

Special Events

When it comes to special events, it's all about creating that meaningful memory for you. I am inspired by my clients and the emotions they want to show in their photographs.

I enjoy the spontaneity of events and the purest of emotions are often on display. It is the human connection which I seek for in my images.

The Process

01. Connect

Wanting to chat about your up and coming event, project or special day?


02. Conceptualize

Bring me your ideas and let's get a brainstorm brewing. There's nothing like bringing a vision into reality.

Develop Your Vision

03. Create & Collaborate

The day is here and all that's left is for you to look your best and leave the rest to me.
We are now in collaboration!

Bring it to life

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